Vision and mission

Our vision
A healthy and just society, with attention and empathy for others and the living environment starts with a secure childhood. For our children to thrive, now and later in life, we as adults have the responsibility to provide them with buffering protection against toxic stress that may result in trauma. Together, we can increase societal awareness and support proactive initiatives towards prevention and healing around ACEs.

Our mission

We want to work together based on the following seven concepts:
1. #Connection: meet one another (interdisciplinarily) for an open societal discussion on the influence of childhood on adult health and well-being
2. #Compassion: acknowledge human vulnerability as a mutually connecting factor
3. #Courage: facilitate conversation about uncomfortable topics in a secure environment
4. #Curiosity: spark interest and reflection towards people’s narratives and science’s insights, translated into our country’s policies
5. #Confidence: presume good intentions from all parties involved
6. #Kindness: consider behaviour as an expression of emotions and underlying needs and respond to it with empathy and loving attention
7. #Resilience: build strong communities with healthy, grounded individuals