This is the platform for everyone in the Netherlands who wants to join forces to share knowledge, raise awareness and inspire transformative action on the concept of ACEs, Adverse Childhood Experiences.

We all know that life has many challenges. To cope with these resiliently, children need a secure base, where they are heard and seen, and where their needs are recognized and met. Regardless of age, caring relationships with close others support healthy neurological, physiological, immunological, and social-emotional development. This is all the more important in early life, when such relationships help children grow into joyful, high-spirited adults. To create such a beneficial context and provide our children with a solid foundation for the rest of their lives, it may be necessary first to face our own traumas and struggles honestly. This is not an easy task, as it takes a lot of courage, a safe, nurturing environment and trusted others to share what made life difficult at the time and what may still limit your full potential.

The science about ACEs is there and it is powerful; at the same time, it is underrepresented both internationally and in the Netherlands within the various sectors of public health. In addition to the scientific data, which tell their own clear story, the perspective of ACEs gives us a wealth of essential knowledge that, without exaggeration, holds the potential to positively influence and change society. We can only achieve this if we collectively understand, recognize and share this knowledge. This is the goal of ACE Aware NL. We therefore cordially invite you to join us on this journey and grow this project with us! Feel free to view the background information on our website.

Keep an eye on our Blog (or contact us to write one of your own), the News page (which you may have something to add), or join the project via social media (see links below ). When everything becomes more normal again, we hope to meet you somewhere, just like us on our way to a more ACE-conscious Netherlands!